Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eat What Mom Made- Sauted Edamame with Onion and Bacon

“Eat-what-mom-made” is what my kids call edamame, a.k.a. fresh soybeans, a favorite in our house. This week I had the opportunity to meet Monica, an edamame farmer from Charleston, Missouri (Mamma’s Edamame).  She mentioned this year has been a particularly good year for her soybean crops.  I could not wait to try them!

I steamed the edamame in the pods for l minute. In a skillet, I drizzled some olive oil to sauté chopped garlic (Bellews Creek) onion (Yellow Wood Farms).  I had some leftover cooked bacon (Todd Geisert) in the freezer that I crumbled and added (everything tastes better with bacon!). I cooked some whole wheat pasta  (Hodgson Mills) and added to the skillet. Once the edamame cooled a bit, I popped each bean out of the pods into the skillet. Topped with shredded Methuselah (Heartland Creamery), a Parmesan or Romano type of cheese and a little bit of pepper. Time to eat what mom made!
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