Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When life gives you grapes…make Homemade Grape Jelly!

Make grape jelly! Concord grapes are in the market now (from St. James Missouri) and they are so delicious! I purchased a few packages, brought them home hoping my family would snack on them. We did, but we sure did not throw them down as fast as the standard seedless varieties we buy.  So I decided to make some grape jelly. I already had a canning kit full of helpful gadgets that just makes the canning process a bit more fun.  I enlisted the help of my son and we got to work gathering the necessary supplies.

Really all that is needed is a bunch of grapes, sugar, pectin and water.  I washed the gorgeous globes, took them off the stems and placed them in a pot with a bit of water. I let the grapes simmer to break down and release the juices, about 5 minutes.

Next, we strained off the juice from the pulp, skin and seeds (Note to self: next time, use a bigger colander to strain off the juice- would have been faster and a lot less messy!). Once we had the Concord grape juice measured out, we added the right amount of pectin, heated to a boil and quickly added the sugar, stirring constantly over heat for one more minute.

The thickened mixture was poured into sterilized warm Mason jars (I used a funnel to make filling easy) and clean, warm Mason jar caps (we used the cool magnet-on-a-stick gadget to retrieve these jar lids out of the hot water).  The filled jars go into a hot water bath for a couple of minutes then on the countertop to cool and set.

The results are divine and so worth the bit of work…my kids were amazed at the brilliant hue of purple, so pretty almost a not-real color. And the taste…well, better than any commercial Concord grape jelly we have ever tasted!


  1. This jelly is absolutely delicious! I almost felt like spooning it right into my mouth.

  2. oooh I love grape jelly! Love this. Thanks so much for your friend request on FoodBuzz, I love your blog!


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