Monday, April 23, 2012

Grilled Ginger Beer Chicken with Sautéed Kale

I’ve been getting into the Spring cleaning mode by sorting through the piles and piles of clipped recipes that I have accumulated over the years. I was able to toss many of the recipes I once thought were worth keeping (ok, who’s with me? a few of them started with a can of condensed mushroom soup and doused with shredded cheese) but others were like newly found treasures.

In planning for this week’s meals, I came across this recipe and thought it would be a fun one to try. I was familiar with the taste of ginger ale but not ginger beer.

Despite its name, ginger beer does not contain alcohol. This beverage differs from ginger ale in that it is a darker, spunkier carbonated beverage with an intense ginger taste.

The meal was super easy to make and the combination of seasonings was a winner.  The colors looked pretty next to the side of sautéed kale but certainly any side to your liking would be fine.

Grilled Ginger Beer Chicken with Sautéed Kale (chicken recipe adapted from
2 pounds organic chicken breast tenderloins
1 Tbsp. ground ginger (Tip: if your spices are older than a year or so, its time to toss and get new)
salt & pepper
2 bottles of ginger beer
2 black tea bags (or 2 Tbsp. loose black tea)
½ cup minced onion
1 (14 oz) can diced tomatoes, drained
2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. fresh thyme

1. Sprinkle chicken tenderloins in ground ginger, salt and pepper to taste. Allow to set for about a half-hour, then grill until done.
2. Meanwhile in a saucepan, pour in ginger beer and on low-heat reduce down liquid to about half.
3. Add tea, onion, tomatoes, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and thyme to liquid; simmer for about 15 minutes. Discard tea.
4. Pour ginger beer sauce over grilled chicken.
5. Serve with a side of kale sautéed in olive oil and minced garlic and sprinkled with salt, and red chile flakes.

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  1. Good tip about the spices. I hang on to mine for way too long; it's a good reminder.

    1. I recently came across a spice jar from the spice rack I got at one of my bridal showers...and Ive been married for 17 years! Time to toss!

  2. I love ginger beer, so this recipe will probably go into my saved blogs folder (now numbering close to 500 -- it's terrible, I can't throw appealing recipes out). I made a fennel-carrot-leek soup this morning from one of those recipes clipped from newspapers: that recipe is thrown out already -- I was not impressed, nor could anything I could do improve it much.

    1. Darn...fennel-carrot-leek soup sounded like a good one but ya never know until you try it if its gonna work out or not.

  3. Lovely recipe, thanks for the tip.


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