Thanks for stopping by! I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist trying to make a positive impact on the health of my family and community one local purchase at a time. 

"The Lou" refers to my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. This blog is not just about foods found in the St. Louis region but rather being aware of where our food comes from, celebrating foods from the region and eating foods in season, no matter where we live. 

I try to highlight farms and producers where my ingredients originate, not to suggest that yours have to come from the same place, but rather to give credit to the growers that have provided my family with delicious and fresh foods. 

All of the recipes that I feature can be adapted to what is seasonal and available in your area. Explore farmers markets where you live and get to know the people that grow your food. Analyze food packaging to know where your food originated. Weigh the cost to benefits of purchasing organic foods. 

My hope is this blog will be an inspiration for each of us to gain a deeper appreciation and connection to where our food comes from, and to make a positive impact on the food system with our choices. In short, to FEEL GOOD and ENJOY what we eat!

Here are a few honorable mentions I am proud of: 
Grand Prize Winner, Savory Category, Mama’s Plate Update Blueberry Blogger Recipe ContestBlueberry Highbush Council 

Cooking Light Bloggers Connection member 

Daily Buzz Healthy Living Top 9 "Keeps the Doctor Away" (Nov 2012) 

Daily Buzz Food Top 9 "Pass the Pork" (Oct 2012) 

Daily Food Buzz Top 9 "A Healthy Dose of Kale" (Sept 2012) 

Healthy Living Top 9 "The Great Gratin" (Sept 2012) 

As seen in Cooking Light Magazine (May 2012)

Liebster Blog Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

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