Before You Order Blue Apron Meal Box Subscription, Read This

Meal delivery services are springing up everywhere. With the increasingly fast pace of life and growing concern over eating healthy, these services are becoming the preferred choice. A comparison of some of the available services by Money Under 30 shows that Blue Apron is one of the most economical and most fun. According to Boxed Mealz – Meal Delivery Reviews, here are some additional perks of signing up:

Subscription Pricing

At a cost of $8.74 per serving for the family plan and $9.99 per serving for the 2-person plan, Blue Apron comes out ahead of the other services for lowest pricing. The plan for two people includes three recipes for a total of $59.94 per week, and the family plan offers two or four per week totaling, respectively, $69.92 and $139.84. Shipping is always free, and it’s also easy to cancel or a skip a week at any time.

Fresh Ingredients

Boxes full of pre-measured, individually sealed, top-quality ingredients delivered right to your door allow you to create recipes developed by Blue Apron chefs. Sourced from over 100 family-run farms using sustainable methods, Blue Apron’s antibiotic and hormone-free animal products, are raised with respect or by using regenerative soil practices. Ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh. Many suppliers even offer USDA certified organic products, and fisheries must be rated green or yellow meaning best choices or good alternatives.

Dietary Restrictions/Preferences

Personalizing your menu is an option should you prefer to avoid certain proteins – i.e. no red meat, no fish, or shellfish. However, Blue Apron does not presently cater to gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, or other common dietary preferences. If you have a severe restriction, be aware that all box packing is done in the same facility so contamination may be an issue.

Delivery Options

Boxes are delivered on the day that you designate and do not require you to be home to receive them. All boxes are insulated, and the ingredients are packed in ice so they will remain cool for an entire day should you not be home at the time of delivery. You can skip or cancel a delivery within six days of your next scheduled box.

Support and FAQs

Allowing for any unanswered questions, Blue Apron has a convenient support section with these subjects covered:

  • Basic Questions
  • Managing Your Account
  • Plans and Membership Available
  • Delivery Questions
  • Ingredients and Recipes
  • Wine Pairings and Market Items

Blue Apron also has several online tutorials that explain recipes in greater detail for the beginner chef. Check out some of the basic Blue Apron FAQs at

With American food waste as high as 50%, meal delivery kits appear to be the wisest choice for cooking at home. A review on Consumer Advocate website calls Blue Apron “a perfect choice for home chefs” thanks to its pre-measured ingredients, easy recipes, and affordability. Order your box today, skip the grocery store, and have healthy home-cooked meals on the table in under an hour.



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