Welcome to the Lou! Also known as the Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a thriving metro where baseball, beer, and gourmet foods meet. Nestled on the western bank of the Mississippi River, it features rich vegetation, historical attractions, and breathtaking landscapes.

Aside from beautiful scenery, St. Louis is also a paradise for food enthusiasts. From simple cafés serving tasty enchiladas to extravagant five-course ding experiences, the place doesn’t fall short nor disappoint.

If you’re a food lover who’s planning to move to St. Louis, then congrats! You’re making the right decision. Here are the best flavor-filled neighborhoods you should check out:

The Hill

The birthplace of toasted ravioli, The Hill is a food haven dotted with cafes, bars, and restaurants. Walking around, you’ll notice the strong Italian influence surrounding the place. Well, it’s mainly because almost 75% of the population is of Italian descent. In fact, coming across a restaurant that doesn’t serve Italian cuisine is a rare find.

Start your tour by heading straight to Charlie Gitto’s. In addition to its best-seller, the famous toasted ravioli, it also offers a vibrantly versatile menu. Not to be outdone, you’ll also find Italian classics at Cunetto’s, crowd favorite Veal Picatta at Lorenzo’s, and the popular pasta dishes served hot at Zia’s.

There’s more to The Hill than what meets the tongue. Here’s a detailed list of other palate-worthy restaurants in the area.

There’s more to The Hill than what meets the tongue. Photo courtesy of Jovina Cooks.

South Grand

Just a few blocks from Tower Grove Park, South Grand is your go-to if you’re looking for a diverse food trip experience. Travel the world as you immerse yourself in various cultural flavors from Vietnamese tempuras to Filipino adobo and Brazilian paellas. You can also find an abundance of vegan restaurants.

Top favorites by locals and visitors alike include Basil Spice that serves unparalleled Thai cuisine; Alta Cale, which features gorgeously-plated dishes; and Café Natasha, the first Persian-themed restaurant in the city. Craving for the fast-food classics? Drop by City Diner! They’ll be happy to serve you the best steak and fries of your life!

Settling in South Grand means easy access to an evenly distributed food chain. As a food lover, it’s not easy to pass on to this neighborhood.

As a food lover, it’s not easy to pass on to this neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Explore St. Louis.


Downtown St. Louis overflows with delicious food, making it a popular tourist spot. Besides an exquisite dining experience, you’ll also get to enjoy impressive landmarks, such as the world-famous Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium, and several museums in the vicinity.

But of course, you’re after the food, right? Then the first diner on your list should be Tony’s, a 70-year old restaurant known for its impeccable first-rate service and extensive wine collection. And if you find Tony’s to be too extravagant for your taste, you can grab a pizza at Sauce on the Side. In the mood for seafood? Go over Broadway Oyster Bar. They serve a lovely oceanic menu that ranges from crawfish enchiladas to chargrilled oysters bathed in garlic butter and Creole spices.

Looking at the bigger picture, Downtown is as good as it gets if you want a satisfying mix of food and entertainment. With its diversity, there’s probably nothing that the place can’t offer.

Downtown has an abundance of food options. Photo courtesy of Feast.

Delmar Loop

As the name implies, Delmar Loop will take you on a rollercoaster of bars, bistros, and premiere restaurants. The best thing about this place is the fantastic music scene that complements an already unforgettable dining experience.

Locals, visitors, professionals, and even college students flock around the Loop to get the most out of its six blocks of delish eateries. Hungry for something quick and tasty? Just walk up to Mission Taco Joint and help yourself with a cheap but delicious taco. Want to witness how steaming hot ramen is prepared before you devour it? Visit Corner 17 Chinese Restaurant. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, spend your dinner at the top of Moonrise Hotel, where you can eat while gaping at the beauty of St. Louis!

Delmar Loop might be small, but it sure packs a myriad of options for your palate. It’s worth a visit!

Delmar Loop might be small, but it sure has plenty of options to satisfy your palate. Photo courtesy of Explore St. Louis.


Last but not least, Maplewood is a tight-knit neighborhood defined by historical charisma, classic sweets, and affordable brunch spots. The atmosphere emits a gentle warmth since not many big-named restaurants occupy the place. You can either dine in some corner diner or land in one of the many modest cafes.

If your food-loving self is begging for something sweet, don’t hesitate to try the sugary delights offered by Kakao Chocolate. Pair that with curated teas from Traveling Tea, and you’ve got the perfect snack! Remember to drop by Maya Café, appreciated for its unrivaled Margaritas. It’s also worth trying the morning coffee and local favorites at Strange Donuts.

Overall, Maplewood undoubtedly makes it on this list because it provides food lovers and casuals with an inexpensive flavorful experience.

Overall, Maplewood undoubtedly makes it on this list because it provides food lovers and casuals with an inexpensive flavorful experience. Photo courtesy of Explore St. Louis.


It’s quite the process, but St. Louis is finally getting the attention it deserves. Little by little, the city’s garnering a reputation as a food destination. Whatever your reason for moving in, the plethora of flavor that the city offers definitely comes in as a huge bonus!

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